Partner and CFO

BARBARA ALLEN Barbara Allen was born in Upstate New York and relocated to Nevada in 1996. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University in 1974 and an MBA with a concentration in CPA Accounting in 1984. She worked in Public Accounting for eight years, becoming certified as a CPA during that time.

Barbara then accepted a position as the CFO/COO of Planned Parenthood of Central New York. She was in the position for seven years. During her tenure, Barbara was tasked with supervision of a major building addition, working with the general contractor on the project and interior design and furnishings professionals.

She also had the responsibility of filing the annual Medicaid reporting to the State of New York, in addition to attending monthly board meetings and presenting the financial reports to the Board of Directors.

Barbara served as Treasurer of the Alzheimer’s Association of Central New York for one term and she was treasurer of a community chorus in Syracuse and of a community chorus in Southern Nevada.

Barbara has been a co-owner of A&B Printing and Mailing for thirteen years, where she oversees all financial accounting matters of the business. Since acquisition, at $265,000 in sales, to today at $6 million, she has been responsible for implementation of all financial systems and controls for the growing business, and supervising the accounting personnel. In addition, Barbara has administered all Health and Employee benefits, OSHA compliance and safety programs.

During and after college, Barbara was a Retail store manager for several companies before obtaining her MBA.

After moving to Nevada Barbara attended Community College of Southern Nevada, taking photography and graphic arts courses, aiding in the creative aspects of the Printing Company.