A & B Printing Closed For Covid-19 Shutdown in Nevada

On the order of Governor Sisolak, we are closing today, Wednesday March 18, 2020 at noon.

All of our employees are being sent home to “shelter in place” in order to keep themselves and their families safe.

Many of the employees are set up to work remotely. You will be able to email orders and questions to the sales reps, graphics will be able to turn proofs and data can process mail lists. Feel free to use my email, kathyg@abprint.com for any questions.

We have issued every employee sanitary wipes, goggles, hand sanitizer which we already had in our emergency inventory prepared kits for an earthquake, fire, flooding, or come what may! It never occurred to me we would need the kits for a pandemic!

We are expected to close for 30 days and reopen on April 20, 2020 but we will follow all instructions by Governor Sisolak.

All employees at A & B Printing will be paid 100% of their wages during this 30 day shutdown. In addition, the company will maintain all medical and dental insurance.

Our employees have been instrumental in allowing us to achieve the success of being the largest union and political printer in Nevada. We appreciate their hard work and sacrifices. It is the very least the company can do and support our employees and their families!

We appreciate our customers’ support during these unprecedented times. We look forward to serving you when we reopen.

We will get through this! Those of us that lived through the polio epidemic in the 50’s, the recession in the 70’s, 9/11, recession of 2008 and now the pandemic…life will never be the same!

Please keep yourself safe, your family safe, keep Nevada safe! #StayHomeForNevada

Over and out.