A & B Printing Donates to the Nevada COVID19 Task Force

A & B Printing and Mailing donated to the Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief and Recovery Task Force a 55 gallon drum of 99% pure isopropyl alcohol to make into hand sanitizers for Nevada’s health professionals and first responders.

Here is Jerome and Kathy loading the drum for delivery to The Source, (TS pro).

They will mix the alcohol with other agents and transfer to small bottles for distribution.


This will make over 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizers.

Thanks to TS pro, their employees and owner Brent Golden for their dedicated service in this time of crisis.

A BIG SHOUT OUT, to Senator Yvanna Cancela, a member of the Covid19 Task Force for facilitating this donation.

A & B Printing & Mailing doing their part and trying to make a difference.